In former days, Chateau Julie was a stopping place for pilgrims on their way to Santiagosigne St Jacques de Compostelle de Compostela. The 17th century house lost this function over the years, until Jos and Wim van der Eijk redesigned it in 1999 into a bed and breakfast. With an eye for detail, the Chateau was renovated and provided with all amenities for a pleasant stay. The guests at the Chateau enjoyed the spacious rooms, the large garden and the guest-free atmosphere.

Golf arrangements

Golf du Médoc les VignesIn the vicinity of Bordeaux there are fantastic golf courses, where the real enthusiast can enjoy the 18 holes of Lacanau and the 36 of the Golf du Medoc (where the French Open is played). For more recreational players there are, for example, the courses of Golf de Treynac. You can visit these golf courses from Chateau Julie, after which you can dine and relax at the Chateau. We can book the arrangements with the different golf courses and supply you with a navigation system to make sure you find your way. If you want any more information, send us an Email and we shall furnish you with all information.

Meeting arrangements

The Chateau is well suited for meetings. There are three small mConference roomeeting rooms and one large meeting room. You could, for example, have a plenary meeting, after which you can attend the workshops. For this, we can provide the entire catering, with lunch, dinner and drinks. We shall help you make your meeting a success. 

Arranement made to measure

- For any other questions about arrangements, please ask us, so that we can offer you an arrangement tailored to your needs. We can, for example, organise your family weekend or wedding. We can find a fitting answer to all your questions.

 Prices 2016

Rooms for 1 person 87,50 euros per night. including breakfast
Rooms for 2  persons 115,= euros per night, including breakfast
Rooms for 3 persons 145,= euros per night, including breakfast
Room for 4 persons 175,= euros per night, including breakfast.

Diningroom - max. 35 persons